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Refactoring to Java 8 Lambdas and Streams Course

Fast track Java 8 constructs that you can apply in your code tomorrow

Are you currently using Java 6 or 7 and would like to see how Java 8 can improve your code base? Are you tired of courses that teach you a whole bunch of techniques that you cannot apply in your world? You have come to the correct place!

Outline of Refactoring to Java 8 Lambdas and Streams Workshop

Our recommended workshop length is one day. In the morning, we look at the most important Java 8 constructs that you will use every day in your work:

  • Static and default methods in interfaces
  • Lambdas vs Anonymous Inner Classes
  • Method References
  • Streams
  • Filter
  • Map
  • Collectors
  • Optional

We deliberately leave out the more advanced Java 8 features, such as:

  • Collector grouping and partitioning
  • Mutable reduction
  • Parallel streams
  • CompletableFuture
  • Spliterators

After lunch, we spend the rest of the day refactoring your code base. To do that, your code needs to meet these basic requirements:

  • Module that we refactor should not be too large. We suggest choosing one that is less than 100 000 lines.
  • Ideally unit tests should cover most of the module. At the end of the workshop we will stash our work, but still it is useful to know when we've broken something.

Ideally, students in the class should be familiar with the code base. This is not a code review. No need to be embarassed. We have seen it all.

Should you prefer, we can also use another example code base to refactor. However, in our experience, using your own code base works best.

Confidentiality Agreement

We insist on working within your company's framework regarding confidentiality agreements. It is best if your code base remains on a dedicated training PC. Your code would only be used for training purposes.

Whilst we are always happy to sign a confidentiality agreement regarding your code, we unfortunately cannot sign a non-compete, because we have a lot of customers from a large variety of industries.

About the Author

Dr Heinz M. Kabutz has been teaching Java workshops since 1999. He is the only person ever to receive a "JavaOne Rockstar Award" for a hands-on-lab. He has extensive experience in both training and consulting.

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This course is ideally suited to the professional Java programmer who would like to learn how to apply Java 8 Lambdas and Streams to their code base.


Due to the nature of this workshop, it can only be taken as an in-house course. Price is € 5000 for up to 16 students for the one day workshop, plus travel expenses of the instructor. Please contact us to make a booking.

Note: All quoted prices are excluding VAT and other local taxes. Please contact us for an exact quote for your situation.

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